Red Fork Energy offer various services, all of which attain that end goal of pushing your brand forward.


 Brand development includes brand architecture, analysis, design and the creation and evolution of visual identity. We have catapulted many into success with brand marketing, why not your company as well?

Marketing Campaigns

From logistic processes to creative solutions we create an integrated marketing campaign to suit your individual needs, whether classical, digital, internet, YouTube or social media based. There is no marketing channel that we have not ventured into with our creative process.

Marketing Strategy and Consulting

If your companies brand has fallen flat, or worse still is not recognisable, we have solutions for you. Those solutions will be delivered after copious market analysis, finding the key factors to your brands success and in promotional planning. We will guide and advise you leading you to the path of your success.

Content Marketing

In addition to old school advertising and brochures, we have added to that the writing of blogs, online articles, editorials, web pages, infographics, eBooks and more. Our team of editors and marketing strategists are constantly working online, utilising digital platforms in order to create new digital content and marketing to drive you further.